Best 10 Christmas Gifts For Business Travelers (Photos)

Best 10 Christmas Gifts For Business Traveller (Photos)

We all know one, those people that always seem to be traveling the country, or the world for work. But what do you get them as a gift? A monogram luggage label is unlikely to cut it this day?

We’ve rounded up some of the best and most effective travel gadgets around to ensure that any of the gift suggestions below will be a sure fire hit with any business traveler. How do we know this? Because these are the very gadgets we at Nigeriapen.com.ng use when we travel the globe reporting on the latest goings on in tech.

Here are our favourite business traveler gifts For Xmas:

MARLONBest 10 Christmas Gifts For Business Traveller (Photos)

Marlon carry-on bag


Featuring two oversized wheels that yield 20% more packing space, Marlon ($209) is the most spacious soft side smart carry-on in the market according to the markers.  It also packs a hidden removable battery to let you charge on the go, and a laptop sleeve on the outside making security checks so much easier.

Best 10 Christmas Gifts For Business Traveller (Photos)

Apple iPad


If you’re on the go you’ll want some entertainment and there isn’t any device that really delivers in the same way the iPad does. Whether you’re watching Netflix, playing games, drawing, or working on the go, the iPad has it covered.

Best 10 Christmas Gifts For Business Travelers (Photos)

Bose QC 35 II noise-cancelling headphones

Think of noise-cancelling headphones and chances are you’ll think of Bose. The company’s QuietComfort range is known the world over for being the crème de la crème in noise-cancellation technology. The QuietComfort 35 is the latest pair in the company’s arsenal, going wireless for the first time. Also perfect for drowning out the office

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NETFLIXBest 10 Christmas Gifts For Business Travellers (Photos)

Netflix Gift Card


Stuck bored in a hotel room with nothing on the television can be really dull. Get them a Netflix Gift Card and when they travel they can at least watch a stack of moives and TV shows. Better still when you travel with Netflick you get access to different shows in different parts of the world allowing you to explore things you might not be watching at home

TILEBest 10 Christmas Gifts For Business Travellers (Photos)

Tile Pro luggage tracker

This small luggage tag (£30) is so much more, letting the owner track the location of their bag or keys. Now coming with a replaceable battery, it has a 300ft range, and comes with a built-in siren so you can find your keys, or anything else you’ve attached it to. An accompanying app offers control and tracking.

Best 10 Christmas Gifts For Business Travellers (Photos)

BeoPlay A1 travel speaker

It might be small, but the B&O BeoPlay A1’s big sound makes it standout in the portable Bluetooth speaker market. We may have baulked at its £199 price tag at first, but given how good it sounds, we think it’s worth every penny.

– Brings the bass in a small package, I take this everywhere

MOPHIEBest 10 Christmas Gifts For Business Travellers (Photos)

Mophie Powerstation XXL External Battery

The Mophie Powerstation Plus XXL battery portable charger offers  20,000mAh of charge is available with a Lightning cable and there are different capacities available if you want something smaller. You’ll get 3 USB ports: 2x 2, 1A USB-A output port and 1x 1, 5A USB-A output to charge your gadgets. While this model doesn’t offer USB-C support, others in the range do.

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QUIETONBest 10 Christmas Gifts For Business Travellers (Photos)

QuietOn earplugs


QuietOn is an earplug combining active noise cancellation and acoustic noise attenuation without the worry of having to wear a big headphones or what music you should be listening to. Whether that’s sleeping on a plane or trying to get some work done at the office the only worry you’ll have is the person you give them to might not be able to hear you talking to them in the future.

ANRUI10 Best Business Traveller Gifts For Christmas image 10

ANRUI Toiletry Bag with Strap

It’s not a tech gadget, but if you know someone who travels through airports a lot this is the gift to get them if they don’t already have one. Rather than faff around with a silly plastic bag, this keeps their toiletries tidy and professional, while also being incredibly easy to handle at security. We swear by them.

SKROSSBest 10 Christmas Gifts For Business Travellers (Photos)

Skross World Travel Adapter MUV USB


If trying to find the ultimate travel adapter for that frequent flyer in your life then you can’t go wrong with the SKross World Travel Adapter. Rather than just delivering a way to plug things in to work in a foreign country this adapter goes one step further and includes the ability to charge two USB devices, even if another device is connected via the adapter at the same time. It also means they won’t have to pack a barrage of other chargers too.


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